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This Wednesday, October 5, 2011, my Modern Masters Frazer Irving will be published from TwoMorrows Press.  Available through Diamond Distributors to comic stores & retailers or through the TwoMorrows website (where you can also obtain a digital copy if you prefer), the book chronicles Frazer’s life, entrance into comics, and evolving evocative artistic style.  As a pioneer in digital comic illustration, Frazer’s career is a fascinating one in the transitions from traditional pencil, ink, and color work to a completely digital platform.

With a foreword by Grant Morrison and insightful commentary from collaborators such as David Hine, Simon Spurrier, Fabian Nicieza, Phil Hester, Joe Casey, and Andy Diggle, the book also includes never-before-seen images, process sketches, and a full color gallery of Frazer Irving art.

Unboxing Modern Masters Frazer Irving!


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For some reason, each time I inserted the following two images into the previous post, they never appeared.  As such, they’re here instead:

This is by far the best sketch of the bunch. I won this sketch by identifying "Go Go Gophers" in Batman Inc #7. Amazing Chief Man of Bats by Chris Burnham!

Quick sketch of the Green Lantern by Freddie E. Williams II!

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Here are some sketches and prints I obtained at SDCC 2011 at either signings or in booths:

Freddie E. Williams II Flash Print!

Freddie E. Williams II Print of Green Lantern!

Quick sketch of Jonah Hex by Moritat!

Quick sketch of Jonah Hex by Jordi Bernet!

Quick sketch of Casanova by Gabriel Ba!

Quick sketch by Fabio Moon.

A quick sketch from Francis Manapul of the Flash.

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After nearly a week in San Diego for Comic Con, I’ve returned home and am just now uploading pics.  In addition to scores of review copies I obtained, I also conducted four interviews that I’ll be transcribing for publication with Graphic Novel Reporter.  In the meantime, however, here are a few highlight images from the trip:

By far the best experience at SDCC was moderating the Spotlight on Cameron Stewart panel. Cameron is amazing and I'm honored to be chosen to participate in his event.

Ran into Simpsons' creator Matt Groening at a booth!

Meeting Grant Morrison at his signing of Supergods and thanking him for his foreword to the Modern Masters: Frazer Irving book. He joked about our shared baldness 🙂

Advertisement for my forthcoming Modern Masters; Frazer Irving book.


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I realize I’m horribly late with posting these, but oh well.  Here are two nice pieces of art I purchased at C2E2 in Chicago back in March.  Hopefully, the picture quality of my iPhone will be clear.  I also purchased two nice sketches by Art Baltazar of Kid Flash and Supergirl for my kids.  I’ve also finished editing the entire video of my C2E2 panel, but it’s on a different computer that I rarely have access to lately.  I’ll try posting more of that tonight.

The first is a Jill Thompson print of Wonder Woman.  It’s behind a protective screen, hence the slight distortion:





The second is Chris Burnham’s Batman sketch:

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It’s been a while since I’ve updated my blog here.  I blame the whirlwind experience of C2E2 last week in Chicago.  The con was a blast and I’ll be posting video here of my panel on comic scriptwriting and craft with Mark Waid and Matt Fraction.  I purchased some great sketches and prints, and met a lot of really nice people in Artist’s Alley.  I’ll post convention pics and some images of the sketches and prints as well.

I’ve also recently started publishing with GraphicNovelReporter.com and my first review was recently posted on their site.  I’ll post a separate entry with the information.

Finally, I just learned today that my book on Frazer Irving will be receiving a foreword by a highly acclaimed, award-winning author.  More details to come.

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