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For some reason, each time I inserted the following two images into the previous post, they never appeared.  As such, they’re here instead:

This is by far the best sketch of the bunch. I won this sketch by identifying "Go Go Gophers" in Batman Inc #7. Amazing Chief Man of Bats by Chris Burnham!

Quick sketch of the Green Lantern by Freddie E. Williams II!


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Here are some sketches and prints I obtained at SDCC 2011 at either signings or in booths:

Freddie E. Williams II Flash Print!

Freddie E. Williams II Print of Green Lantern!

Quick sketch of Jonah Hex by Moritat!

Quick sketch of Jonah Hex by Jordi Bernet!

Quick sketch of Casanova by Gabriel Ba!

Quick sketch by Fabio Moon.

A quick sketch from Francis Manapul of the Flash.

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Here are links to part two of my interview with Freddie E. Williams II at the Comics Journal.

Text Interview

Video Interview

Williams continues his discussion of creating comics digitally and shows readers his process by completing his drawing of Batman.

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Part 1 of my 2 part interview with Freddie E. Williams II is now posted at the Comics Journal.  This is the first installment of an ongoing series called “Dissecting the Digital Comic Page,” where I discuss the craft of digital illustration.  Freddie was kind enough to produce a two-part video of his art process drawing Batman.

Here is a link to the video.

Here is a link the text interview.

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