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I realize I’m horribly late with posting these, but oh well.  Here are two nice pieces of art I purchased at C2E2 in Chicago back in March.  Hopefully, the picture quality of my iPhone will be clear.  I also purchased two nice sketches by Art Baltazar of Kid Flash and Supergirl for my kids.  I’ve also finished editing the entire video of my C2E2 panel, but it’s on a different computer that I rarely have access to lately.  I’ll try posting more of that tonight.

The first is a Jill Thompson print of Wonder Woman.  It’s behind a protective screen, hence the slight distortion:





The second is Chris Burnham’s Batman sketch:


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Here is video from my C2E2 panel with Mark Waid and Matt Fraction.  The entire panel ran for an hour, so I will upload these videos in 15 min segments.  If you cannot view the embedded file below, please click on the video link for a redirect to YouTube.  Trust me, the audio gets better when I realized I needed to speak directly into the mic!

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