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Here is video from my C2E2 panel with Mark Waid and Matt Fraction.  The entire panel ran for an hour, so I will upload these videos in 15 min segments.  If you cannot view the embedded file below, please click on the video link for a redirect to YouTube.  Trust me, the audio gets better when I realized I needed to speak directly into the mic!


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Here is a link to my review of Fabien Nury and John Cassaday’s I am Legion from Humanoids Publishing for GraphicNovelReporter.com

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It’s been a while since I’ve updated my blog here.  I blame the whirlwind experience of C2E2 last week in Chicago.  The con was a blast and I’ll be posting video here of my panel on comic scriptwriting and craft with Mark Waid and Matt Fraction.  I purchased some great sketches and prints, and met a lot of really nice people in Artist’s Alley.  I’ll post convention pics and some images of the sketches and prints as well.

I’ve also recently started publishing with GraphicNovelReporter.com and my first review was recently posted on their site.  I’ll post a separate entry with the information.

Finally, I just learned today that my book on Frazer Irving will be receiving a foreword by a highly acclaimed, award-winning author.  More details to come.

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Here is a link to my review of Ross Mackintosh’s Seeds via Com.X Publishing at The Comics Journal.

The original submission was edited before posting.  Here is the second-to-last paragraph as originally written:

As a first time effort, SEEDS reflects the rougher edges of storytelling and pacing audiences can expect from a beginning writer.  At times, the gutters between panels are not seamless and thus the transitions can feel rushed, as if Mackintosh could have included more story or detail, developing the narrative further with additional sequences.  Although they do not limit the experience or reduce Mackintosh’s emphasis, some readers may be left wanting more.  Actually, if anything, the panels and their structure echo the authenticity of Mackintosh’s voice.  These are a few minor elements with SEEDS, but nothing that detracts from the book’s impact. 

I believe the edit and rewrite alters the voice and intent of my review slightly, which is why I believe posting the original here is warranted.

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Here is a link to my review of Andy Diggle and Jock, et. al., Lenny Zero and the Perps of Mega-City One rom 2000AD/Rebellion at The Comics Journal.

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