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Here is the link to my review of Grant Morrison’s Batman: The Return of Bruce Wayne Deluxe Edition (DC Comics) at The Comics Journal.


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It’s official via the TwoMorrows Publishing website.

July 20, 2011 is the scheduled release date for my authored Modern Masters Volume 26: Frazer Irving.  Having interviewed Frazer before for a shorter magazine piece, this book has been a thrill to complete.  Learning more about his process and evolution as an artist, seeing rare and original artwork, and discussing his life in general have been a great experience thus far.  I’ve really been fortunate in this project not only for Frazer’s commitment to it and willingness to participate and schedule numerous interviews, but also to several of his collaborators for taking the time to share information about the writer-artist relationship.

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Here is a link to my review of Matt Fraction’s collected paperback Casanova Luxuria and issues #1 and #2 of the re-released Casanova Gula.

Sometimes it is funny how people arrive at specific comic titles.  Word of mouth, friendly recommendations from colleagues, local comic shop talk, and yes, sometimes even reviews can affect reading habits.  The choice of purchase, however, for me is usually dictated by pure economics these days.  So, when my local comic shop owner slipped a complimentary copy of Matt Fraction and Gabriel Bá’s Casanova Luxuria #1 into my weekly purchase back in September or October 2010, I had no idea that I would be reviewing the collected Luxuria trade paperback and first two issues of its sequel, Gula.  Looking back, I honestly wish I had also purchased the individual issues instead of waiting for the trade as the back matter Fraction included in the monthlies unfortunately has not been reproduced in the compiled edition. 

Fortunately, I’ve managed to track down the re-released Gula #1 and #2, and hope to find the remaining individual issues of Luxuria.  Thanks to Matt Fraction and Marvel’s Icon for their help and assistance with the review. 

*UPDATE I’ve already alerted The Comics Journal to the error at the top where Fabio Moon should receive credit on Gula.  It must have occurred during the inhouse re-editing for online posting.

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Hey, let me know how you got to the site and what post most interests you and why.


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My review of Robert Venditti and Mike Huddleston’s The Homelnd Directive has now been posted at the The Comics Journal. Please click here for the review.

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My proposed panel–Comic Craft 101: Script Writing and Comics in the Digital Age–has been approved for the upcoming March 2011 C2E2 Convention in Chicago.  I will be serving as moderator while Matt Fraction and Mark Waid discuss the differences in their process and craft, and how script writing has changed with the advent of digital comics.  Here’s the official description via C2E2:

“Mark Waid and Matt Fraction will discuss the generational differences and evolution of the craft, their styles, and the scripting process, as well as debate the significant differences between writing in the serialized, collected trade, and digital formats. From their entrance into the profession through their company and creator-owned experiences, Waid and Fraction will provide insight into their influences, writing process, and the transformation of comics for the digital age.”

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Here is a link to my review of Eric Skillman’s The Liar’s Kiss from Top Shelf at The Comics Journal.

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