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Part 1 of my 2 part interview with Freddie E. Williams II is now posted at the Comics Journal.  This is the first installment of an ongoing series called “Dissecting the Digital Comic Page,” where I discuss the craft of digital illustration.  Freddie was kind enough to produce a two-part video of his art process drawing Batman.

Here is a link to the video.

Here is a link the text interview.


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I recently noticed that my July 2010 interview with Frazer Irving in Broken Frontier’s digital iPad magazine The Frontiersman requires access to the Apple App Store.  Unfortunately, there is no current non-App Store archive for these magazine issues and that is disappointing since a wealth of solid and thought-provoking articles, reviews, and interviews are being overlooked by those without access to an iPad, iPod, or iPhone.

As such, I have edited my interview with Frazer Irving into an accessible PDF here.  I will be doing the same for an earlier interview I did with the Webcomics Factory as well.

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Broken Frontier has just published its digital magazine The Frontiersman #7 which includes my interview with Frazer Irving as the cover story.  Please click here to access the PDF version.  In the article, Irving discusses his history with comics, his entrance into the profession, and his work on titles including Azrael, Silent War, Robin, Gutsville, Iron Man: Inevitable, Batman: The Return of Bruce Wayne #2, and others, including his upcoming Batman and Robin #13.

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I recently completed a review of Grant Morrison’s Batman & Robin #12 for Broken Frontier.  Please click here to read the full review.

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