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As one of the major purposes of this site, I plan on eventually having a page dedicated to serious studies–journal articles, dissertations or master’s theses, or book-length monographs–examining the comics medium.  Most of what has been published on comics is done either by insiders and lacks a certain objectivity or are simply publication histories with little to no social, cultural, or political context.  Although the publication histories–Les Daniels’ various books come to mind–are very useful as introductions to the subject, serious researchers obviously need to move beyond these cursory studies.

Hopefully, once people become more aware of this site, I can generate some interest amongst fellow scholars and professionals to perhaps submit short annotations for this growing bibliography, as well as posting updates on new articles, books, and conferences that deal with the medium.  Although the site ComicsResearch.org has some excellent resources, my hope is that my site can serve as an important companion to it.  As various disciplines each approach the medium differently–American Studies, English, Communications, Media Studies, History, Sociology to name  a few–and each has its own journals, conferences, etc., it will be difficult to make sure everything gets its due; however, for the medium to move beyond insider or “fanboy” observation, it is a necessity.  And, I say this a sometimes “fanboy” myself–yes, I do have comics tshirts and the Blackest Night ring set.


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