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This Wednesday, October 5, 2011, my Modern Masters Frazer Irving will be published from TwoMorrows Press.  Available through Diamond Distributors to comic stores & retailers or through the TwoMorrows website (where you can also obtain a digital copy if you prefer), the book chronicles Frazer’s life, entrance into comics, and evolving evocative artistic style.  As a pioneer in digital comic illustration, Frazer’s career is a fascinating one in the transitions from traditional pencil, ink, and color work to a completely digital platform.

With a foreword by Grant Morrison and insightful commentary from collaborators such as David Hine, Simon Spurrier, Fabian Nicieza, Phil Hester, Joe Casey, and Andy Diggle, the book also includes never-before-seen images, process sketches, and a full color gallery of Frazer Irving art.

Unboxing Modern Masters Frazer Irving!

I just finished doing a podcast with Comic Geek Speak about the forthcoming Frazer Irving book I wrote.  Here is a link to the podcast.  The podcast is also available for free Mp3 download and via iTunes.  Towards the end of the podcast, there’s a coupon-code offer for a discount off the print edition, as well as a freebie ebook edition for those who purchase the print version.

Also, TwoMorrows has posted a 20-something page preview of the book here.  The book includes a foreword by Grant Morrison and insightful commentary on Frazer by Andy Diggle, Phil Hester, Joe Casey, Simon Spurrier, Fabian Nicieza, and David Hine.